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May Day

• 01 May 2008

My neighbor shared a sweet tradition with me today.

When she and her siblings were little, her Mom would help them gather flowers and deliver them to friends and family on May 1st....May Day. She has fond memories of this Spring tradition and included me in this year. All of these lovelies are from her own about a green thumb! (mine is more "brown") I think it's such a fun tradition--for both adults and children alike. I'm not a gardener like she is so I'd likely end up buying a few large bunches of tulips at Costco and then dividing them up into pretty bunches. My children could be in charge of delivering the little bunches to people and even contributing to the "gift list".

Next May!


  1. That is a great tradition! Please remember this next year (and remind us!!!) and I'll join you in doing it!

  2. Good idea. Beautiful flowers.


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