stephmodo: Organizing Tip #10

Organizing Tip #10

• 05 May 2008

Clean your car weekly.

Because my daughter's kindergarten has "curb service", the teachers are seeing the inside of my car on a daily basis. You'd think this would be motivation for me to keep it clean every day to avoid embarressment but somehow I still show up most days feeling like a mobile trash can. It really is amazing how junk accumulates in a car. Kids like to save least mine do!

This organizing tip is really for me. I'm making a goal to be better about maintaining my car and keeping it clean. Last night I spent a good 30 minutes vacuuming it out, throwing out trash, wiping the dash & other surfaces. It felt soooo good to tackle this little project. I am setting a goal to clean my car weekly. As I get better at it, I can see it only taking 15 minutes at a time and that does not feel like a major committment so I hope I can follow through. Only time will tell...

If you want to make it more fun, turn on the car and play some music while you wipe down those car seats :)

Oh, and if you are feeling really ambitious, check out this idea for organizing your car's trunk. Consider it a form of emergency preparation!


#1 Make your bed each day
#2 Clean out your closet (take out everything not worn in past 12 months)
#3 Clear off kitchen counter tops (remove anything you don't use 2x weekly)
#4 Clean out your car
#5 Unclutter your mind--start writing thoughts down right away to relieve stress
Find ways to organize in one minute or less (purse, drawer, etc.)
Place a pretty dish on dresser tops and nightstands to collect jewelry, loose change, and pocket paraphernalia.
#8 Gather up recipes and clipped magazine pages and throw them all into one accessible binder for easy meal-organizing.
Sort mail immediately...preferably over the trash :)


  1. Again, your post is so timely! I finally did the car clean-out today, vacuumed and wiped and all.

    My daughter's preschool has the same situation with the teachers being exposed to the interior of our car daily. Usually it's not a problem, but over the past two weeks every school project seems to have made it out of the bag and onto the seats/floor and never into the house! (I just hope she doesn't miss any of it now.)

  2. I love that trunk organizer, and a bargain too! The best thing I ever did was to add "clean out your items from the car" to my kids Saturday chore list. I do not have to ask...the wiping is easy once the junk is out...

  3. Once a week is lucky. I think I do it on a daily basis with twins and triplets in the car.

  4. We recently made a rule that the kids can't leave the car without bringing all their stuff with them.
    They're supposed to look around their seat, pick up whatever's there, then haul it out with them. This may not work for preschool or younger children, but it's great for the elementary-schoolers. It doesn't solve the problem of smooshed goldfish and free-range Cheerios, but in general things look much better 'til I can get to the vacuuming.


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