stephmodo: To Eat {Seattle}: Cupcake Royale

To Eat {Seattle}: Cupcake Royale

• 25 May 2008

I've been hearing about this place for months now. I was thrilled to finally taste it first-hand...two days in a row. I'll take a carrot-cake and lavendar vanilla cupcake please!

Cupcake-lovin'-E. opted for the red velvet to-go. She wasn't feeling too hot on visit #1 and opted for a glass of water instead. For some reason I find that hilarious. Maybe because I never exhibited self-restraint like that as a child, which often resulted in some...let's say..."memorable" experiences :) E. opted to enjoy her cupcake later in the day, just seconds before bedtime. Convenient, no?


  1. have you been following my cupcake obsession & eating adventures while in NYC? I was on this MISSION to taste every last one I could find!

    J :)

  2. love, love, love cupcakes. love. them.

  3. Red velvet is really special!

  4. are you still in seattle? if so, you must go to Besalu Cafe that's just right around the corner from Cupcake Royale in Ballard on 24th. You will not be disappointed! If you like chocolate croissant and ginger biscuit, you will LOVE this place.

  5. Jennifer, we tried and tried to hit Cafe Besalu. Both times they were closed. So we hit Bakery Nouveau twice. Yum! Pictures forthcoming. We plan on hitting Besalu next time. It's definitely on our list!


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