stephmodo: Choosing Paint Colors and Palettes

Choosing Paint Colors and Palettes

• 30 June 2008

Almost two years ago an opportunity to have our entire home re-painted--at an extremely reduced rate-- presented itself (long story). We hopped on it because we knew it was a "now or never" type deal. However, in our haste we sort of chose random colors for each room and paid little attention to the overall palette. While I love the colors individually, I don't necessarily love them together.

Since we are re-finishing our basement now, the Husband and I decided to not make the same mistake this time. Our plan? Choose our entire palette from the beautifully-edited collection at Restoration Hardware. For whatever reason, all of the colors complement each other nicely and present a cohesive overall palette. For example, just look at the sample paint collection (see above picture) you can buy for a discounted price. The colors are all different but still manage to look natural as a grouping.

There are additional links elsewhere also providing help with putting colors together...

Click here to explore Martha Stewart's paint colors at Lowes. Once you click on the link, choose a color you love and then watch as two additional complementary colors are added to the palette. I love this!

Click here to view Martin Senour's Paint Palettes recommended by Old-House Interiors.

Note: If you love the colors but are concerned about paint quality, you can always ask your preferred paint store (we love Benjamin Moore) to match the RH colors.


  1. we had home depot match RH's silver sage for our master bathroom. turned out perfectly! i didn't do it for the paint quality, (is RH paint not good?), but rather for the price. :)

  2. A palette is such a great idea...then the rooms flow together instead of "jerking your eye" (that's what my husband calls it).

  3. Once again such good advice...we are about to move into a new home and I have been trying very hard to pick colors that help the house flow. It really makes a difference.

  4. Love RH! Great idea to look there for inspiration! Hope to see pictures of the finished product!!

  5. The paint selection is always so nerve wracking. I picked colors from Benjamin Moore Historical Collection to fit with the style of my house. The also sell jumbo paint swatches that are large 2'x2' for $3.99 which saves from painting samples all over.

  6. thanks for this post! its so timely - i am trying to figure out colors for my house! am loving your blog.

  7. Great post, Steph. I helped my parents redecorate several rooms in their home last year ... it was extremely nerve-wracking. I swear we painted the family room 5 different colors before we settled on mustard gold and then beige above the chair rail. Your point about selecting the entire color pallet is KEY. We're still not happy with that room. It was a learning experience. PLAN AHEAD.

    Restoration Hardware and Martha Stewart paints = awesome.


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