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• 11 June 2008

While I'm lightly posting a few things today on this blog, I'm also still blogging over at Tangled and True again today. If you're interested in a comprehensive post about diaper bags a la Brittany and other good stuff then head over!

This is getting fun! Have a great day everyone!

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Layla Grace GIVEAWAY if you haven't already. Warning: the site is addicting!


  1. I just love your blog. And I am also a huge Farmer's Market fan. The thing I hate is the parking. Any tips for that? :) But honestly, I really do love how uplifting your blog is to read!

  2. have fun posting. it's fun reading you there too!

    btw, if you really want to do the swap, email me your "particulars" to
    i already have a couple of people that need to be paired up. so if you are interested let me know.


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