stephmodo: Chocolate Cake or Bust

Chocolate Cake or Bust

• 14 July 2008

Despite the red hair and blue eyes (I have light brown hair & eyes) she is apparently my daughter after all :) Little S. could not get enough of this chocolate cake I so "unkindly" placed out of her reach (I know, I know...the audacity!)

P.S. Does anyone know of a place that sells disposable splat mats?


  1. Good luck with the red hair, blue eyes girl! I have one and she is very firm about what she wants! And I am a light brown hair, brown eys girl also-

  2. Try the baby aisle at Tar-jay. :) I believe they are Winnie the Pooh themed or something like that.

  3. And related to her Nana, too! As my friend says, it's "Vitamina C Azteca"!

  4. It's summer Steph - be a hero!!! put the kids outside on the grass with the chocolate cake bowls, beaters etc and then hose them down after you let them make a HUGE Gooey yummy mess! That is my all time favorite cake memory from the kids, hopefully it can become one for the 8 Grandkids now! It is yummy fun! Add Jello Jiggles to the mix - it is a HOOT!


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