stephmodo: Justin Hackworth Photo Session GIVEAWAY Winner

Justin Hackworth Photo Session GIVEAWAY Winner

• 30 July 2008

If given the chance to have a "thing" or an "experience", I'll typically opt for the experience. Why? Because experiences make life rich and I consider great photography to be one of those priceless experiences. The pictures that I have of my family, my children, my wedding, were all worth every penny. Soon, you'll all be able to make your own sweet memories. Curiosity piqued? Keep reading...

Before I move on with more good news, I'd like to announce the randomly chosen winner of this giveaway:

"kelli", who said, "wow! his style = my style and I'm instantly in love. this would be an amazing win.. especially with our soon to be new family addition."

Kelli, your loaded photo session awaits!! Please contact me asap!

Although the rest of you may have not won the "grand prize", you are all eligible for a prize of your own. Justin's generosity continues...

He is offering a free one hour session at his Provo studio to every reader. Every. Reader. and again, it's free! That is a $200 value! If you live in-state, this will be simple! If you live out-of-state, it's about time you came to visit Utah :) The only thing you need to do to call Justin's studio (801.916.6993), tell him you're a "stephmodo reader" and would like to take advantage of his generous offer for a free session. You'll need to do this within the next week to secure the free session (deadline is August 6). That doesn't mean your session will be in a week or less, just that you'll have one scheduled, on the books if you will. So take advantage of this generous offer and start dreaming of your own beautiful family pictures!

Hop to it :)


  1. Congrats Kelli! You lucky dog.

    Looks like I need to plan a trip to Provo...

  2. hopping right to it right now!! Seriously AWESOME!

  3. This is SO exciting. Thank you, thank you!

  4. wow. what a treat! i wish i knew when i'd be in utah next . . . does "sometime in the winter" count as an appointment date? i'll just have to call, i suppose. thanks ever so much for the hookup!


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