stephmodo: A Must See: Children of Heaven

A Must See: Children of Heaven

• 24 July 2008

This movie has been on my mind lately. The fact that I'm still thinking about it months later indicates how deeply it has resonated with me. Consider watching it for your next "Date Night In" (with some frozen junior mints). I deem it one of the best films I've seen to date.


  1. Frozen junior mints... now that sounds tasty! I will have to check out the movie too.

  2. hi! stumbled across your blog somehow, it's delightful!
    i love children of heaven as well. i saw this movie in a film as art class in college. i fell in love with it and its simple sweetness. isn't it nice to see a movie that's poignant and meaningful without being overly dramatic or sentimental?
    if you like this one you should see the color of paradise by the same director. the plot is a little more contrived, but it's still really sweet and touching.

  3. I loved Children of Heaven, wonderful movie. I love junior mints too, frozen junior mints sound like something I need to try.

  4. Great movie suggestion. I loved this beautiful movie also. I've never tried frozen Junior Mints, though! I'll definitely add that to my list for our next date night in.

  5. Great movie! I also recommend Color of Paradise and Baran as well.

  6. I just added it to the netflix list - looking forward to seeing it!

    J :)


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