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She Sells Seashells

• 24 July 2008

...not by the seashore (wouldn't that be nice?) but rather, by the side of the road :) The sweet little thing follows in her mama's footsteps and decided to make a little cash on the side selling a few things that she thinks others would find desirable. This time, however, it wasn't pink lemonade--although she had fun doing that with her cousins...

...and it wasn't paintings either. She already did that with her Seattle cousins too...

...but rather, sea shells. These are precious to her mind you. To jazz them up a bit she wrote adjectives like, "bumpy" and "soft" and my favorite, "wow!" (because it makes you want to say that when you see it according to E.). She had the Husband and I in stitches as we watched her out in the 100 degree heat, waiting for someone to drive by and buy a descriptive sea shell for a quarter (we live on a cul-de-sac by the way).

Many, many thanks to the Allied Waste Management guy who dropped fifty cents for two shells. What a man!


  1. She's my FAVORITE 6 year old! I once made $8 selling peaches from my Dad's tree.

  2. that is too cute... an entrepreneurial spirit at that age will keep you on your toes Steph!

    Will E. accept online orders? Grandpa and I would like to buy four please. Will send funds soon as we get back to the States and a SAE!!!

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  4. She's just like her parents! Looks like they are all sold, but I'll have to send a donation ;-) Wish I lived close enough to go to her "sales"!

  5. Just when I thought I couldn't love her more...


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