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• 01 July 2008

Time to head to the gym to tackle mon petit muffin top. With a gym membership in place I just need to overcome my laziness and go. Perhaps a self-reward is in order? It's funny how I am so motivated in some ways and then failing miserably in others :) Gotta work on that...

In the meantime, here are a few swimsuits I am considering because of strategic placements of fabric or color/patterns. Man, it doesn't matter what shape or size you are, having a baby (or several!) wreaks havoc on the female mid-section. Thank heavens it's soooo worth it!

Clockwise from top left:

navy & grey duo

hotchpotch suit (patterned)

ruched slate grey number

navy & orange striped bandeau (love the optional halter strap)


  1. I love the top two! Super cute.

  2. I'd by lying if I didn't say I'm currently getting work out inspiration from a few cut out shots of a J.Crew model in a bikini. Not that I'll be wearing a bikini when we finally go to Hawaii in Sept, but I'm *hoping* for a bikini-esque body by then.

    I'm planning on rewarding myself with a new swimsuit too. (I might try a tankini from Altheta.)

  3. very cute options!

    I'm more motivated by food than anything (sadly...).

  4. Such cute suits! I love the top right one!! I may just have to splurge and get it!!

  5. Try having twins and triplets. It is worth it, but takes A LOT of working out. The suits are way cute.

  6. Cute suits! I love the top right..seems like it would be really slimming.

    Love your site. :)


  7. Those are SO cute! I am wanting a new bathing suit this year. Thanks for pics.

  8. did you know that zappos sells swim now?! i just ordered a really cute tommy bahama tank with "tummy control panel" and it came in 1 day, free shipping. so awesome!

  9. I love them!! Especially the hotchpotch suit! I may just have to pick one up for our trip to Maui in April. : ) Thank you!

  10. Lynne, what a fabulous tip! I had no idea Zappos carried swimwear now. I checked out all the one-pieces and I found myself really liking several. I've never ordered from Zappos but I've heard they offer great customer service. Thanks again for the tip!

    I need to check out Athleta per Susan's tip as well.

  11. Great suits - thanks for the tips! Cant wait to try out the zappos site as well!!

    ps I love going to the gym - if just for the babysitting alone - ipods make it soo much easier too!!

  12. Cute suits. I also love a couple from Urban Outfitters. There's an awesome yellow polka dot retro-looking one.

  13. LOVE the suit in the upper right hand corner!


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