Nie Nie Auction No.1: Vintage French Patent Leather T-Straps

• 28 August 2008

These vintage French baby shoes (which are in excellent condition I might add) would make any mother shriek with delight. I know that because that is what I did when I laid my eyes upon them :) They are extraordinarily fabulous in every way. Seriously, what's not to love?

Patent Leather.
Classic T-Strap Styling.

P.S. These are reeeeeally hard to give up so do me a favor, bid high and let's give as much as we can to the Nielson family. There is a 1 in a gazillion chance you'd ever see the likes of these ever again so bid now or forever hold your peace :)

Size 18 in European sizes, which is about 6-12 months in US sizing.

* Click here for more details on the silent auctions hosted here today.

How to Bid:

- leave a comment indicating the amount you would like to bid; raise the bid as high as you want
- keep checking back to see if you need to place an additional bid (and cross those fingers!)
- auction will close at midnight MST (Thursday)
- if you win, please pay for your item by Saturday night

I will post the winners of each individual auction on Friday. If you do win, please Paypal me the winning bid amount. In turn, I will transfer the funds to the Stephanie & Christian Nielson Fund via Paypal. I believe this is the best way to ensure funds are actually transferred to the appropriate place before the item is received. I will send you proof of my payment in return once the transaction is completed. Thank you all again for being so engaged in this cause!

P.S. Shipping is on me :)

P.P.S. Have fun!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Thanks!


claire said...

Lovely! I bid $16.

::DANDEE:: said...

Audrey would love fabulous in those delicious little shoes. She HAS to have them!


hairyshoefairy said...

Those are absolutely charming!

::DANDEE:: said...



I LOVE them-but don't have the money right now :(

Ali said...

They are really quite fabulous and my little Daisy would love a pair of shoes her big sister didn't wear first.

Rubyellen said...

Wow! Those are so lovely... if I didn't already put bids in elsewhere I would put one here. But I have to stay within a budget! But oh gosh...i love these!!!

welcome to the horsley home said...

$75- I don't care if they are too small, I'll make them fit!

Ali said...

I'll make it $80. Daisy truly has nothing that wasn't her sister's before her.

erin renee said...

$85; erin; eorzeck(at)innerwisdom(dot)com

Robin Lunt said...


meta said...

I can't believe you're giving these up! I don't even have a baby girl, but those are too amazing to pass up. $120.

Jen said...

That is quite a sacrifice! You truly are selfless.

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