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The Look for Less

• 26 September 2008

Have you ever stumbled upon the TLC show "The Look for Less"? I have...and loved it. I decided to embark on my own little "episode", and even adhere to the $100 price limit they are required to stay under on the show.

Recently, I found myself drawn to these two fashion spreads featuring pretty white blouses, pleated black skirts, and accentuated waists. I decided to use these two pages as my inspiration for this quest. Given that one of these tops is priced higher than a RT ticket to France (can you imagine?), I could be biting off more than I can chew...but we'll see.

Off I go...


  1. oh i love that show. elizabeth hasselbeck was so fun to watch. is it still on? good luck in your quest.

  2. this is a VERY good idea. i'm excited to see what you come back with!

  3. Have you seen Ralph Lauren's "American Living" line at JC Penney? There's a dress that looks like a ruffled white top with a black skirt bottom. No pleats, but it's on sale for $66!

  4. Ooo, good idea! Can't wait to see what you find!

  5. Thanks for the tips "Fun Finds"! I'm off to check out that line...

  6. Oh, and Leslie...I'm not sure if it still on. We don't have a tv anymore...but I would guess it is. It must've been's a great concept.


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