stephmodo: Lunch Box Envy No.1

Lunch Box Envy No.1

• 05 September 2008

With school in session, making a lunch is now part of our morning routine. I'm new at this whole gig and have not been very creative so far...I'm hoping that changes with a little "guidance" :) What better place to glean inspiration than from the colorful pages of a Donna Hay magazine?

This photo is the first of my little "Lunch Box Envy" series...more eye candy from DH to come soon.


  1. that looks incredibly delicious....

  2. serious envy! i am definitely going to have to subscribe to DH - I LOVE their photography!

  3. how could you not enjoy preparing, or eating, that lovely lunch! Sure beats a smashed pb&j!

  4. Well I'm sure any lunch you'd pack for E would be pretty gourmet and the envy of all kids at the lunch table. That lunch does look fab. That is living in a dream world to pull that off everyday though. It would make a pleasant surprise to have an occasional "nice" bagged lunch!

  5. Amber, you give me waaay too much credit :)

    Most mornings I have about 5 minutes to prepare her lunch so it's anything but gourmet! I'm hoping all these lunch posts will motivate me though...

  6. Can I order 5 boxes a week for 35 weeks please?


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