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Lisa Mahar Home

• 24 November 2008

This image has me re-thinking how I decorate my children's rooms. I find Lisa's philosophies about children & decorating quite interesting...a few have me thinking.

You can see more incredible images here.


  1. Very interesting article. I liked her way of getting kids to clean up. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Interesting woman. I have always felt the majority of children's toys are so totally obnoxious (even before having a child). So much noise and in your face with everything. And many do all the work for the child. Last year my sister asked me to pick up a scooter for one of my nephews. Unfortunately, it was at toys R us. I literally hadn't stepped in a toy store since childhood and I wanted to poke my eyes and ears out. What a nightmare!

    anyhoo...I'm going off. Guess I feel strongly too. Thanks for the link.

    My mom used the same tactic on us. If you didn't pick it up or take care of it she threw it out.


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