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100 Things

• 30 December 2008

I read this article a few months ago about people who are attempting to live with only 100 possessions. While I don't consider it possible for my family of 5 to live with so little (this includes silverware, pots, clothing, shoes, furniture, toys, bedding, etc.), the concept is intriguing. These days I am beginning to feel like we have too many things yet again. They seem to creep into our lives oh-so-slowly, don't they? Time to pare down and make things more simple around here.

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  1. I've always felt it's better to have a few well-chosen things than many meaningless things. Consider the people who hoard and live in outstanding clutter. They feel those things are vital to their very own existence. It can be a terrible trap.

    Good post!

  2. I am feeling the same way Stephanie! I have been cleaning out and decluttering (donating, ebaying and chucking items along the way) the house for days and there is still way more to go! Where does it all COME FROM?!?! ;)

  3. A very nice post! It is true we have so much- it is time to keep things close to us that matter.
    Now until the end of January I go from room to room organizing. I either toss, donate and save a little.

  4. Yes I loved design moms idea of 3 gifts, did you read that article? I feel like we have so so so much, I need to go through everything. This also reminds me of the 2 school teachers that ate with only 1 dollar a day for a month. Did you hear about that?!


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