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Beecher's Fruit Paste

• 08 December 2008

A trip to Seattle isn't complete without a stopover at Pike Place Market. Second only to San Francisco's Ferry Building, this market offers beautiful, even tantalizing local produce at reasonable prices. You'll pay the same as you will at the grocery store but the quality will be twice as good. Moon Valley Honey is my new favorite...I've never tasted honey this delicious. Anyway, across the street from the market is Beecher's, a cheese house we also love to hit. In the past I've purchased this paste (in apricot) and enjoyed eating it with Brie and some hard cheeses too. During a recent visit to Harmons I spotted this very paste, in several flavors, in their cheese aisle. I can't get over how gourmet Harmons is's awesome :) These fruit pastes are the perfect addition to your holiday cheese plate. Add a few Mediterranean olives from the olive bar and you'll have a gourmet appetizer in a matter of minutes. Think: "Work Party".


  1. love this fruit paste... i ate it with brie just a couple of weeks ago. a little dry salami on the side and it doesn't get much better.

  2. oooh, i just spotted these at super target in the deli section.

  3. I am from Quebec and we don't have this product. Can you tell me the ingredients, may be I can make something similar at home
    Thank you

  4. "Fanfan", I don't have any in my fridge currently so I can't tell you. The brand is Rutherford & ___. Perhaps you could find it online? The specialty food stores in Montreal are pretty stocked...I wonder if they would have it? Maybe one of the nice grocery stores there perhaps? I apologize I can't be of more help than that. Are you guys knee deep in snow yet?!


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