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Favorite Recipes

• 15 December 2008

I've thought about the different ways I can share my favorite recipes and finally decided to do this: write about all my favorite desserts in one post; then my favorite salads in one post, etc. Then, I will place permanent image links in my sidebar to these posts. That way, you can always find some great dessert, salad, entree, soup, and breakfast recipes quickly.

Since it is the season of entertaining and also a time where much dessert is consumed, I'll be starting with those :)

Caveat: as I discover new recipes I will continue to edit the original posts so you will always have up-to-date information.


  1. My dad and brothers went to Paris in October and I BEGGED them to bring me back some of those yogurts so I could make these as cute as yours...but they thought I was joking. I SO wasn't.

  2. this is a great idea! desserts and salads are probably my two most favorite things!!


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