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Le Bournat

• 15 December 2008

Today I am thinking about our trip to France a little, so please humor me a little as I reflect for a minute here :) I'm mostly dreaming of Le Bournat--a working organic farm and village in the Dordogne region, with an abundance of old-fashioned rides. All vintage. All French. I'm not sure who enjoyed them and the Husband or the kids! One of my favorite aspects of Le Bournat is the lack of in-your-face commercialism there. When my children jumped off a ride, there was no one trying to sell them a bad picture for 15 Euros. It was just pure, simple, clean fun and my kids spent 6 hours there, despite the rainy mist all day. Oh, and did I mention it was a bit chilly? No matter, it was one our best days in France.

On site they make walnut oil (you can watch it being pressed), which is the most delicious oil I've ever tasted. They also grind their own organic whole wheat flour at the local windmill. I love that people still do that! Bottom line, it's a great time for children and adults alike.

Don't those rides remind you of something out of Mary Poppins?

(thanks for humoring me!)


  1. Darling, darling, darling! Thanks for sharing, Steph.

  2. Wow, so lovely! I can't blame you for wanting to reminisce at all! And I love those stuck labels too, can't wait to try some.

  3. It's incredible! Oh I can't WAIT to go there someday.

  4. Gorgeous photos, looks like you had a fabulous time in France, and I agree those horses had a Mary Poppins aura about if they are about to take flight along with her umbrella.

    Love your blog! I just discovered it, will check back. - Michelle


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