Easy Organizing Tip #19

• 01 December 2008

Place all toiletries you use on a daily basis in a tote for easy access.

One of the Husband's pet peeves? Me leaving my contact solution, toothpaste, makeup, and other sundries all over the bathroom counter...everyday. So, to humor him I found an inexpensive plastic tote (@ Shopko), and placed everything I use each morning and night in the tote. When the morning comes, I grab the tote from the drawer and place it on the counter while I get ready. When I'm done, I slip it back into its place in the drawer. It's easy, quick, and one less thing to clean up. I so need that.

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Mary said...

I do the same thing with my makeup/deodorant/brush/etc, but I don't have a tote big enough for the contact solution/hair spray/lotion. I really should get one - it does make a difference not to have all the clutter in sight!

Ben said...


Georgia said...

That's a great idea for when you are living in a dorm and have to lug all your stuff to the community bathroom, too.

Jen said...

This is awesome!!! So simple and easy, yet so needed! I will steal that idea for my daughter who has her own bathroom, but lugs all her stuff to my bathroom and then leaves it there! Perfect!

sunny said...

love this idea!!

I drive MYSELF crazy with the stuff I leave out - that I use morning and night.

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