stephmodo: Easy Organizing Tip #19

Easy Organizing Tip #19

• 01 December 2008

Place all toiletries you use on a daily basis in a tote for easy access.

One of the Husband's pet peeves? Me leaving my contact solution, toothpaste, makeup, and other sundries all over the bathroom counter...everyday. So, to humor him I found an inexpensive plastic tote (@ Shopko), and placed everything I use each morning and night in the tote. When the morning comes, I grab the tote from the drawer and place it on the counter while I get ready. When I'm done, I slip it back into its place in the drawer. It's easy, quick, and one less thing to clean up. I so need that.

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  1. I do the same thing with my makeup/deodorant/brush/etc, but I don't have a tote big enough for the contact solution/hair spray/lotion. I really should get one - it does make a difference not to have all the clutter in sight!

  2. That's a great idea for when you are living in a dorm and have to lug all your stuff to the community bathroom, too.

  3. This is awesome!!! So simple and easy, yet so needed! I will steal that idea for my daughter who has her own bathroom, but lugs all her stuff to my bathroom and then leaves it there! Perfect!

  4. love this idea!!

    I drive MYSELF crazy with the stuff I leave out - that I use morning and night.


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