stephmodo: Sending Santa a Letter

Sending Santa a Letter

• 03 December 2008

It's not too late for your children to send off their letters; in fact, we are mailing this out today to the following address:

Santa's address:

Santa Claus
North Pole, AK

Volunteers from the town apparently start responding to letters beginning in November. If you include a return address (a stamped envelope would further expedite things I'm sure) you will likely hear a response. Can you imagine how thrilled your child would be?


  1. Very cute! I'm going to get my 3-year-old in on this.

  2. So cute, thanks for your great ideas. My kids will love this!

  3. such a good idea! We are for sure doing this at my 2 year olds birthday party - I think the adults will have even more fun than the kids!

  4. We have friends that actually live in North Pole, AK and said they would send our kids a letter back from Santa. Christmas is way more fun with little ones!

  5. I'm so sorry to tell you but you've been mislead. Santa doesn't live in that address, though it's true he lives in the North Pole, but in Finland. It's true, I met him this autumn and I have a picture to prove that. :)

  6. Leah, I cannot believe you have friends that live in North Pole, AK. What are the odds? What are their occupations out of curiosity?

  7. We did a Lapland, Finland North Pole vacation once too and I like the idea of that being Santa's home. Either way, it's fun for the kids to get a real letter in return. I can't wait until Cole is old enough.


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