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• 11 December 2008

Who knew our favorite big box store could get any cooler? Target is like a gets better with time. These recent discoveries are clear indicators that I should definitely stick to my "only-once-every-six-weeks" rule. The temptation to spend is too great to shop there more frequently :)

1) They offer Kiehls products now. Seriously. Granted, it's a limited selection but I'm still stoked. I'm hoping to replace a few things stolen with my diaper bag...oh that creme des corps.

2) They also offer delicious-smelling Origins products too. Again, it's a limited selection, but still...

3) Being a huge maple syrup fan, I was ecstatic to discover Archer Farms cinnamon-infused maple syrup. The ingredients? 100% pure maple syrup and a cinnamon stick. Yum. It's waffles for dinner tonight!

4) Super cute Victoria Hagan red bird pillows. The location I visited (Ft. Union) only had two left and they are sold out online unfortunately (if you catch a glimpse, you'll see why), but you might just get lucky if you act quickly :)


  1. Oh, I'll have to see if mine has Kiehls. I was glad to see they had a few Bumble & Bumble products and picked up some hair lotion last time I was in.

  2. no way! i had no idea. i do need to limit my trips too.

  3. No way, squared! I now live by a Target and will be scouting it out for all these lush goods. Thanks for the tip!

    PS I live near Bakery Nouveau now, too, and their window display is of pistachio green macaroon trees!

  4. They started carrying Bumble&bumble products a while back but are almost double the price ($12 or $13 for shampoo at the salon, $25 (I'm not kidding) at Target), so while it's neat, I would probably price compare with Nordstrom because (gasp!) it might be cheaper there.

  5. Ah! I do miss Target. It's one of my favourite stops on trips to the States.

  6. I am now even more excited about my trip there today!! Guess who will be getting some Kiehls in her stocking this year☺

  7. yep tarjay is pretty awesome...i have to ban myself from time to time to prevent massive overspending.

    That lotion is amazing.


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