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A Fresh Start in the Kitchen

• 09 January 2009

Absolutely loving this highly informative article written up in the NY Times this week. I'm reading it, and then re-reading it, making sure I'm not missing anything. It looks like I need to make some more changes to be more healthy on the inside.

My only question is, where do I buy fresh tomato paste in a tube?

Thank you Laurie for passing this along...


  1. Most Harmon's sell tomato paste in a tube. Amore double concentrate, is usually found in a box--and because it is double concentrate you only use half of what your recipe calls for. You could also probably find it at any specialty food store.

  2. Whole Foods Market sells a couple of different tomatoes pastes in a tube.

  3. Love the article. I always stock up on tomato paste in a tube when I travel abroad. I find it any country I visit and usually for much, much, less than I find it here!

  4. It's usually on the top shelf by the tomatoes and pastas.

  5. True, the tubed tomato paste isn't too uncommon, but you might spot it only if you're looking for it. I was familiar with it after spending time in Europe where it seemed to be a staple item in the pantry, maybe that's why I've noticed it around here.

    Thanks for posting this! :)

  6. I'm inspired by this, too! Do you have Trader Joe's near you? They have tomato paste in a tube too.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing ... this is the best foodie article I've read in the new year.

    Your blog is always a delight.

  8. Great article! Here's my fave crouton recipe. I love them fresh, but unless you let them sit out until moisture is gone, they will get mushy when stored. Crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside...makes the house smell wonderful.

    Homemade salad dressing is very easy. I find you just have to play to find the one you like the best. We have 2. One is just a plain EVOO and balsamic vinegar with lemon juice (start by using 2X the amount of EVOO as balsamic...lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste...everyone has their own idea of the balance of what tastes right). The other is simply EVOO, lemon, fresh feta with salt & pepper to taste. I make it in a bowl. Put in about the amount of dressing you think you'll need in just the oil. Add about 1/3 to 1/2 as much fresh lemon juice. Cut up your feta in small cubes or crumble into small pieces ( this again is a preference thing...we don't do alot of cheeses) When you mix together and let sit a minute the lemon breaks down a little of the feta and gives a slight creamy texture to the dressing. Salt and pepper to taste immediately before dressing, remembering that feta is a saltier cheese.

    We have a GREAT source of feta north of here in Cleveland...Lake Erie Creamery. Check out their website:
    They produce artisan goat cheeses....fresh chevre, feta, blomma...from a local suppliers. their fresh chevre is the creamiest, freshest, I've EVER tasted.

    Hope this gave some ideas...

  9. if you don't want to shell out the extra money for a tube, i often buy the regular stuff in the can, freeze it, and then cut it into "tablespoon-like" measurements. Then you can just keep them in the freezer and use at your convenience.


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