Jordan Ferney interview

• 29 January 2009

Oh Happy Day is one of my absolute favorite blogs. Like top 5. And since she is a favorite read, I thought it would be fun to ask Jordan to share a few things about herself that we may not already know. You know, to satiate our growing curiosity as to who this amazing person is and how she pulls everything off so stylishly! Read & enjoy:

1. You and Paul seem like a great couple. How did you and your red-headed-artist-of-a-husband meet?

We met through a mutual friend at a party. I liked him immediately. We
dated for a few years and he followed me to San Francisco where we got
engaged and married.

2. So many of us love to visit San Francisco. What are your top-10 must-visits in the city?

For me San Francisco is about experiencing different things. Some of
my favorite experiences are:

* Miette to eat a vanilla macaroon
* La Boulange on Pine and Fillmore (it must be this location and it must
be first thing in the morning.
* Tail of the Yak (this is in Berkeley but it is still my favorite store)
* Arch to buy art supplies and look at their gift section, they have
such a good buyer.
* Bell'occhio to look at all their beautiful things.
* Alameda Flea Market -where heaven and earth meet. Go early.
* Ferry Building- To buy a loaf of Epi, some soft cheese, a nice pear,
and some Mexican hot chocolate from Mijita, and I always stop into
Boulettes Larder to see their jaw dropping flowers.
* Golden Gate Park to rent a rowboat on Stow Lake.
* A walk at Crissy Field and get hot chocolate at the warming hut.
* Ribbonrie-to look at all the beautiful ribbons.

I could go on. I'm trying to put together a San Francisco guide in the
next few months, it will have all of my faves.

3. If you could jump on a plane this weekend, where would you go?

New place: I've heard Croatia and New Zealand are nice.
Old favorite: I want to go back to Brazil really bad. I'm trying to make that happen
this year.

4. Scenario: Dinner party for 12...buffet's a bit chilly outside...what do you serve?

I like little things these days. I'd do lots of tapas or hors
d'oeuvres. I'm more into the atmosphere than the food. Don't get me
wrong, the food has to be good but I'd rather have a spectacular
concept than spectacular food. In my dream world I live next door to
someone who cares more about the food than presentation and we would
throw amazing parties together.

5. What are some simple ways that non-event planners can do to dress up a living space or table for a party?

Two things that can transform a space fast 1. Make everything
monochromatic or else do small variation on color (everything
different versions of green.) and 2. Hang things from the ceiling:
lanterns streamers, banners, balloons.

6. Latest read?

I'm still trying to finish What is the What by Dave Eggers.

7. What has been your favorite stage in Moses' life so far? What are you looking forward to for him? Dreading?

I love being a part of him learning new things. It is by far the most
fulfilling thing I've ever done. Hmmm? Is there something to dread?
The only thing I dread is being pregnant again. Sick and fat is not a
good combination for me.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years both family-wise and personally? What do you hope to accomplish?

Good question--I have no idea. I like to do different projects but I'm
not a really driven person. I do one thing until it isn't interesting
to me anymore and then I move on to something new and shiny. I have
two dreams, one is both Paul and I working freelance with a small 2
bedroom flat in the city and being able to summer in a different
location every year. The second one involves me renovating a unique
space like a barn or a warehouse and then living in it.

9. Favorite recipe this month?

I make this tomato soup once a week. I'm not exaggerating. I love it and I love having something to feed impromptu guests.

10. When choosing how to spend your time, what things do you consider?

I don't think about it too much. I make sure me and my family's basic
needs are met and then I work on whatever project needs to get done.

11. What do you admire most in a person?

Good heart.

12. What new blog have you discovered recently that you find yourself enjoying?

There are lots but I'm liking this French one a lot.

13. Is there ever a day you regret blogging? How has it changed your life ?

No, I don't regret it. Blogging has brought so many good things to my
life. The friends and connections I've made are so amazing. I
sometimes wonder who I would be friends with if I didn't know all
these people through blogging. The only things I don't like about
blogging are: occasionally I feel pressure to post when I'm not
inspired--and once in a while people write insensitive comments.
Depending on the context it sometimes hurts my feelings. I don't think
it has changed my life too much; one difference is when I do something
fun or interesting I have to stop in the middle to make sure I get
some good pictures for the blog.


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