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• 15 January 2009

Normally our weekday meals are not this elevated but since more than just our family was partaking of the food I prepared Monday through Thursday, I upped it a notch. I'll save the "Brupper" dinners for next week (Breakfast + Supper = Brupper if you're wondering!), as well as the black bean burritos and simple soups. I have to admit though, while it was more work than usual, it was so nice to eat good leftovers the next day for lunch. I'm thrilled to say that I haven't had a single quesadilla or pb&j this week yet. Halle-freakin'-lujah!

Lentil Sausage Soup, avocado salad, artisan sourdough bread, fresh fruit...I don't really like kielbasa so I substitute Harmon's housemade italian sausage and love it so much more; the best price locally on french lentils is at the International Market. This is also an excellent vegetarian meal if you eliminate the sausage.

Grilled Salmon
(the Husband grilled it on a bed of tin foil with green onions, some butter, and herbs), herb roasted potatoes, salad & bread.

Italian Stew, Salad, crusty time I'll cut the green olives in half to spread out the intense flavor a little more. I also used chicken breasts with the thighs since I favor white meat a little more.

Mustard Roasted Chicken with Vegetables, Mini Cheese Souffles, Butter Lettuce Salad, artisan bread (I love good bread, can you tell?!). When making the main dish, I like to add some good balsamic vinegar to the vegetables as well. I just throw a little on top before roasting.

Friday is going to be a date night...I'm hoping for something cheap and light...and Saturday some of our friends are treating us to a homemade dinner (sweet!) so I'm off the hook for the weekend. I can't wait!


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