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Playroom Inspiration

• 30 January 2009

My sister-in-law Tiffany created a sweet little play space for her children. She took some basic furniture pieces, added her personal touch and really made this space her own. The addition of bright colors, handmade toys, and trinkets from Italy make it enviable indeed.

While everyone likes to store toys differently, I think her method is both practical and visually appealing. Smaller toys are stored in stackable suitcases, while larger ones are kept in colorful baskets. Games and puzzles are simply stacked on top of each other according to size. Though not pictured, she also keeps two larger bins (with lids attached) in the corner to store "dress-ups". It truly is a wonderful playroom.

What are some of your methods when it comes to toy organization?


  1. You can also contact Martha Stewart subscriptions, they have a few issues available still to order
    I had subscriptions to both of these magazines and LOVED every issue. I wish they would bring it back!

  2. I just picked up fabric for making my own covered panels for our playroom. Ours has a closet with lots of shelving/cubbies. I've placed inexpensive, colorful IKEA bins in each cubby with a label: cars/trucks, puzzles, blocks, etc. I also use a bookshelf similar to this one to store books (of course) and toys that aren't necessarily bin-suitable. HIs handmade wooden toys take center stage.

  3. I love that little set of table and chairs... different and FUN! Do you know where they are from? I would love to know if you are willing to share! :)

  4. Love that playroom! One tip I have for those bins like your SIL has....use a large bulldog clip and affix laminated cards with the name and/or picture of what's inside. It helps kids keep like items together...polly pockets, legos, superhero action figures, etc. If you use words and pictures, the kids will be able to learn to spell and read the names of their favorite toys, too. Also, if you have a big wall, you can paint it with magnetic and chalkboard paint. Frame it out in crown moulding and ta-da! instand artwork when the kids (and lots of adults) draw.

    I'm still, however, looking for large enough containers for dress-up and for the no-ends. The idea of suitcases is intriguing.....

  5. I also use the Ikea storage bins. Their Trofast system. We did a purge of toys right before christmas so now I can fit dress up stuff in the bigger bins. Games and puzzles get stacked neatly and smalle toys go in the smaller bins.

    I love that playroom!

  6. Hillary...I'm glad you like the table and chairs! The table is the small Carolina table in espresso from PBK. The chairs were also from there but unfortunately they no longer carry them.


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