Taking Notice of the Bedroom

• 06 January 2010

Terence Conran once said, "It seems incongruous that the bedroom, which is by far the most personal room in the house, is also the most neglected." Isn't that so true? For about 9 years our bedroom served as the dumping ground of our living space. It was a place where I put everything I didn't like or didn't have a place for elsewhere. Lame, I know. But I did end up making it right (see budget bedroom makeover here.)

There are three steps one can take to make the bedroom a more inviting, romantic and comfortable space. First, clear the clutter and feel the room become instantly more relaxing. Two, decorate it as best as you can with your budget, be it large or small. Put effort towards making it lovely, as you would with a high-traffic area like a kitchen or family room. Even on a budget it can be done! Last, put in a SoundDock or some other music-making contraption. There is nothing more romantic than music wafting softly throughout the room...on a quiet evening...when the children are in bed.

Here are a some of my favorite images of the bedroom. I am going to showcase them over two days. They are quite different from each other, but I love them all for different reasons. I hope they inspire you too!

image 1, 2 (unknown), 3, and 4


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