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100 Meter Photograph

• 23 February 2009

Check out this 100 meter photograph taken in Berlin...the photo consists of 178 different people on the same railroad bridge but on different days. 20 in fact. It's not only interesting on an artistic level, but on a cultural one as least for me...I've never visited Berlin.

Thank you Carey for the link!


  1. I like the puppy in the backpack. and the couple with the eye patches. and the couple hugging in the background. what a cool photo.

  2. That was so fascinating!! Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Hi, just found your blog on design mom. Just what I need; another beautiful blog to look at instead of doing the dishes.. :)

    I just wanted to comment on your classical music post further down. Do you do Pandora? Because it's pretty much the most awesome thing ever. So go to and listen to the Piano Solos, Romantic station. A-Ma-Zing! You'll find a million songs to love.

  4. ooohh... You should definitely make Berlin a high high priority, especially if you plan on traveling to Europe.. I served my mission there and it is the most fascinating city, both historically and contemporary. Plus, I mean, the food alone is amazing and will foster into extra hip poundage, but it's so wonderful! I could go on for hours how cool Berlin is.. Anyways, sensational photo!


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