stephmodo: Anouk


• 05 February 2009

My youngest daughter, also a redhead, can't get enough of this sweet little doll named Anouk. Little Miss S. is my first child to show affection for all things plush and soft and I find this incredibly endearing. I'm thrilled she loves this heirloom quality handmade doll and I hope that someday her little girl loves is as much as she. Oh the look on her face when I hand it to her for comfort or for's as if I'm presenting her with a big bag of chocolate chips!

Susan really is one talented gal. You can check out her other available creations here and her blog here.


  1. she's a cutie (the doll). i love the coloring in the room shown - the crib bedding and the wall color, beautiful.

  2. if only she was still selling little girl dolls like that....


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