stephmodo: Coconut Cupcakes & Passionfruit Buttercream

Coconut Cupcakes & Passionfruit Buttercream

• 17 February 2009

I love coconut and passion fruit and the combination of these two favorites is utter bliss in my book.

I know I spoke about coconut cupcakes here recently, but I hadn't discovered these coconut cupcakes and I must say they are the best I've had yet. I didn't try her frosting recipe because I've tossed all my corn syrup, but the cupcake recipe itself is delicious. I'm convinced it's the usage of coconut milk (I like the Chaokoh brand best).

For these cupcakes I made up my own passionfruit buttercream recipe with softened butter, powdered sugar, and passionfruit puree. I kept adding a little of this and that so I have no recipe to report but I find that buttercreams are often like that anyway. You really just need some basic ingredients and then you taste and add as you please.

To achieve a pretty look without fancy tips or other cake decorating supplies, simply place the frosting in a plastic bag, like a Ziploc. Cut a small hole in the bottom corner--start small and them make it larger if you deem it necessary. Squeeze the frosting out and wrap it around the cupcake, like a snail shell. This very simple technique will make the frosting go on more evenly and look more professional.

Note: Locally you can find these white Chinese takeout boxes at Xpedx for 19 cents each.


  1. Great packaging idea! I'm always trying to think of a reason to buy Chinese Food boxes at XPEDX, because they're just so cool in all those colors... and you've definitely come up with a good reason to buy them. Hurray!

  2. still patiently waiting for my passionfruit frosting... without missing a flight!

  3. HI Steph! I haven't made any of the cupcakes in this issue yet, but had to let you know that I made the whole recipe card insert for a sunday family dinner - the moroccan chicken, cous cous etc. and it was fantastic. Really flavorful - and relatively easy. I think you would enjoy it. Take Care!

  4. I made these cupcakes over the weekend, and was surprised that they were not very good! Weird texture and gritty taste. Is there a mistake in the recipe?? Can't seem to figure it out.

  5. Anon: That is too bad! Without talking with you in detail I wouldn't know what went awry. I didn't change the recipe at all and they were absolutely delicious. Hmmm....maybe send me an email with some more details and we can figure it out. Maybe it was your coconut?

  6. I made these last weekend and they were great! though I had to battle with my buttercream after getting overenthusiastic with the passionfruit juice.

    Have linked to your post from my blog :)


  7. wow! thanks for the inspiration to combine my passionfruit curd with coconut cupcakes!! YUMO!


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