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Life after Domino

• 03 February 2009

Per Chelsea's request, a few places to go and things to look at while you are licking your wounds...Why is it that magazines like "Guns & Ammo" are alive and kicking, but publications like Blueprint & Domino go bust? Go figure.

Where to go, what to look at, to get your Domino Fix:

House Beautiful

Elle Decor

* this blog and this blog are also fun Elle stops...

Living, Etc. (online)

Desire to Inspire (online)


  1. Yeah, thank you so much!! I knew you'd have some good suggestions.

  2. I get House Beautiful and is is LOVELY!!

  3. Thank you. I have been wondering this very thing, and looking at those magazines wondering if they would fit the bill. I'm still nervous about it. I was committed to Domino and now I have to go out and start the magazine dating process again.


  4. I get both Elle Decor and House Beautiful. They're okay. I don't devour them the way I used to with Domino but they occasionally have houses that I really like. They just seem much more staged and less real.

  5. regards the Guns and Ammo question, was that rhetorical or would you like an explanation or two? :)

  6. I am so sad that Domino is going out...after blueprint, which I loved, Domino was my go to mag, as we are in the process of building a new home out of an old one, and will need inspiration for the redecorate. Elle Decor is a little too high end for my taste, but I do enjoy House Beautiful.

  7. I hear you all..NOTHING comes close to replacing Domino. Nothing. The magazines I recommended have a different feel, I know, but they will have to do for now. Thank heavens for all the amazing design blogs out there now!


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