stephmodo: Proenza Schouler Makeover

Proenza Schouler Makeover

• 03 February 2009

Remember that budget fashion makeover I challenged myself to awhile back?

How did I do? And yes, I came in under $100...with twenty-five bucks to spare :)

P.S. Can I just mention how awkward it is to take a picture of oneself? Oh, and sorry for the underarm shot :)


  1. Um, how do you get legs like yours?!

  2. No secret Jenn...a $5 full-length mirror from Target does the trick! It makes me look taller too :)

  3. That is a gorgeous outfit! It acutally looks very expensive. I agree with everyone else though, my first thought was "she's got great legs!"

  4. i'm glad to see another mama wearing fishnets!

  5. She's got legs and she knows how to....

  6. You look GORGEOUS!!! steph. From now on, buy two of everything (one for you and one for me) and I'll reimburse you. ;)

  7. Please, please let us know the details of this outfit! I especially love the hose...they look great on the gams God gave ya!

  8. First, it's the mirror ladies! They make my legs look waaaay better. It's all about the $5 mirror at Target I'm telling you! We should all have one...

    And Trish, I found the skirt at Nordstrom Rack...its from their Classiques Entier line I believe. I found the blouse on the sale rack at the Gap of all places.

  9. Didn't the makeover include the hot guy undressing you with his eyes? Where is he in your picture?:)

    By the way, my first thoughts were about your great legs too!


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