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French General Labels

• 03 March 2009

I love a pretty label...I use them all the time. This creates a constant need for replenishment, so I was happy to discover these lovely labels from French General. Not only are they totally fabulous, but they are also reasonably priced. What's not to love?

There are 4 different styles available but I'm partial to these red ones...

Note: FG makes it so you can't link directly to the labels so when you hit the main site, click on "paper" and then "stationery" and then "labels".


  1. those are pretty, i love labels too. i love using them on packages to dress them up a bit.

    ps i tried the lemon cheesecake and it was great!

  2. Love these. I know it's only Mar. but they would make a perfect border for a holiday tag!

  3. Martha sells some quite lovely (and similar) labels at Michaels craft store for a steal practically. They are in that nice robin blue many of her products are in! Thanks for reminding me to use my labels creatively!

  4. love the red....the blue is awesome too(:

  5. Hi Stephanie! I'm a complete stranger but I really enjoyed your guest blogging on Design much so that I think I now enjoy your blog just as much (or even more!). Anyway, I love the idea of using labels but I'm always turned off from buying them for fear of the dreaded print job. Do you have any tips on how to always get them thru the printer without wasting 3 sheets before they're centered/perfect? Thanks!

  6. Sylvia, I bought some labels from Stuck that corresponded with an Avery template on Word. This made centering everything perfect and I didn't ruin a single label in the printing process. I ordered the small orange labels for my spice drawer jars. Here is the link!

  7. My sister bought me some of these. I love them!

  8. I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and look forward to checking in daily! Thanks so much!! And these labels are beautiful!


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