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Girl Scout Cookies on Call

• 07 March 2009

It's that time of year folks...Girl Scout Cookie time! I can't help but mention this delicious tidbit of information as I used to be a Brownie and Girl Scout myself :) And let's be honest, who doesn't love a frozen Thin Mint or a coconut & caramel laden Samoa cookie?

Check out the Girl Scout Cookie Locator here.

image via Girl Scouts


  1. i hate half a box of those in about 3 minutes last week. ooops.

    J :)

  2. I was a girl scout too.. and in 4-H as well. Fun times! Except the door to door... but it builds character. These cookies sell themselves tho...
    Somaos are great, but they don't even call them like this anymore do they?

  3. That's funny. We're enjoying the cookies now!

    I was a girl scout, too!

  4. Am I missing something? What happened to the last meyer lemon post?

  5. Anon: we had some copyright issues :) Trying to work that out and will repost!

  6. Max and I got ours today from one of his students!

  7. My husband always buys too many girl scout cookies, YUM!

  8. Yeah, The Samoa's are called something different now... can't think of the name off the top of my head... carmel something-arothers. Sure are tasty.

  9. we just got our box of samoas yesterday -- thank goodness, my hubby loves them just as much as i do & eats them before I get the chance!

    I came across a recipe for homemade samoas. see link below.


  10. I think Little Debbie makes a rip off too, pretty close if you ask me! :)

  11. I just ate a bowl of Edy's Samoa (caramel delite's old name) icecream! It's dangerous, ladies!

  12. Here in DC they are still called Samoas.

    I call them ... MINE, ALL MINE!



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