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Easy Drink Labels

• 28 April 2009

When hosting a get-together, it's common for guests (and hosts!) to forget which glass belongs to them. I've seen charms, sticks, and other gadgets but haven't loved their look or their price tag. Recently, I discovered this little trick in Good Housekeeping of all places. It's a great concept, but instead of flowers I'd opt for a simple scalloped circle and minimal (if any) embellishment. Think of all the ways you could "tweak" this concept!

image from GH


  1. thanks Steph! I love it, but it makes me wonder if i should buy some stemmed glasses!

  2. Robin, good point about the glasses. I have stemmed and non-stemmed and it's great to have both. BUT, if you didn't want to invest in stemmed any time soon, perhaps use the same concept and just use double-sided tape. You could use tape to adhere a little scalloped circle to the bottom of the glass...just a thought!


  3. Crayola markers for windows work great on the glasses. You can add names or decorations. It washes right off!


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