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Menu of the Week

• 30 April 2009

I recently read an article that mentioned a couple who eats every last item out of their pantry in order to shave money off their grocery expenses. The wife even mentioned how creative she's become with multiple half-used boxes of different-shaped pasta. Reading this inspired me to be more diligent about considering what I already have, when I plan my menu for the week.

This is what needed to be used up in our pantry/fridge this week: fresh pesto, frozen veggies, potatoes, asparagus, green beans and a little prosciutto di Parma.

...and this is the menu I came up with that incorporates each of those ingredients:

Sauteed Sole with Lemon & Haricots Verts (french green beans)

Big Batch Vegetable Soup - add 1 lb. of cooked ground beef to make it heartier; freezes well.

Bean & Bacon Soup, crusty bread, salad

Caliornia Tuna Parmesan, asparagus, epi baguette

Pasta with Pesto, Potatoes & Green Beans, salad, fruit


  1. How ironic... I recently had a post just like this- I challenged us to eat every last bit of food in the house until I went to the store again. We lasted (are you ready)... 45 days! It was crazy, and even though toward the end we ate some pretty random meals, it was a fun experiment. I saved about $400 in groceries, and now I'm more thoughtful about what I buy at the store. Here's my post...

    you'll have to let me know how it goes!! good luck!

  2. We've been trying this as well. Though we don't usually completely empty the pantry (we do pretty well on the fridge though), it does end up saving us $$. Also makes menu planning a bit easier as your already existing ingredients start limiting your options on what to make. The other major benefit that I love is less waste. Don't feel bad about throwing out food that has gone bad because we haven't eaten it.

  3. I am usually pretty psycho these days about using little bits of this and that to make meals! It sure does get crazy, but sometimes it is just brilliant what you can come up with!

  4. my husband loves bean with bacon soup. the canned campbells kind, he's is going to flip over the real version. can't wait to try it.

  5. i'm a pretty new reader of your blog, but have been so inspired by so many of your ideas and thoughts (including this one!). thanks so much for the reminder to use what we've already got!

  6. All those recipes sound divine, especially the sole & potato, pesto, and green bean salad. Enjoy your dinners!

  7. These look really good. Thanks for sharing the recipes.


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