stephmodo: Organizing Tip #24

Organizing Tip #24

• 08 April 2009

Trade in your mismatched kitchen towels and replace them with all-white versions.

I learned this tip 4 years ago from a neighbor of my mother-in-law. One look at her lovely kitchen drawers, full of white dish towels and white dish clothes, and I was smitten. There is something about the clean, fresh appearance of crisp, white towels. I decided to keep a couple of towels that were gifts from friends, but other than that I converted every single one of my old, tired versions into rags for heavier cleaning use.

I think you'll be amazed at the affect this will have on your mindset while in the kitchen (if it's something you choose to do) and even your outlook on cleaning in general--as silly as that may sound. I bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond for a song; plus, it gave me a great excuse to use those coupons they frequently send in the mail.

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  1. i adore this idea. thank you!
    i'm off to click on the link for more tips.

  2. I love this idea - I want to replace every towel in my home with white ones. Easier to wash (bleach!) and I think white towels do have a calming effect...

  3. A Florida friend of mine has only white, fluffy bath towels for all her bathrooms. That way, they can all be bleached and cleaned the same, and it doesn't matter which room they end up in. It's a great idea, but I have a hard time changing from all the great colored textiles I have!

  4. i have the same ones. love them. especially being able to bleach them.

  5. I did that for my bathroom towels: bath, hand, and washcloths. it's so much easier to keep them nice with bleach, and they last longer because they don't fade and look yucky so quickly! Great idea!

  6. I did this with our bed linens. I really just love the all white look. I had not thought about the kitchen. I like the idea!

  7. I've done this with bath towels and linens, too. So handy. But more than anything, I've come to love the crisp, whiteness of them all.

  8. I have been wanting to do this. I have been using the towels that I got when I got married a year and a half ago and I am amazed at how many DONT SOAK anything up! I am on the hunt for good dish towels that soak up and actually dry my dishes and counters. If you have any ideas let me know.

    Thank you for all your wonderful ideas!

  9. and they can be bleached to keep them bright--since kitchen towels are prone to staining.


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