stephmodo: Paris Flea Market: Oh the Possibilities

Paris Flea Market: Oh the Possibilities

• 15 April 2009

We awoke Saturday morning to hit my favorite vide-grenier in France to date. My sister and I tried to pull off the whole French-no-makeup thing (me quite unsuccessfully I might add) and busted a move to get there as quickly as the outfit we wore the previous day. It was awesome :)

Can I just say that I love French flea markets, specifically vide greniers. They satiate my need for a bargain in such a fabulous way. Why is French junk so much better than the stuff I see around here on Saturday mornings? :) Take that pitcher and glass set for example (note: I am still kicking myself for not snatching this up) it totally stylin' or what? My sister dug the fuzzy stools...she is a big mid-century fan.

I found a few great things but the highlight of the vide grenier was the vintage French globe my sister picked up to add to her collection. I was so thrilled she found exactly what she was looking for! If only we'd brought a bigger sweet sister had to carry around the full-size globe for the next 2 hours while I hit every. single. vendor. Poor thing.


  1. What fun stuff and I know Cher is a tough girl, so I am sure she did it easily.

  2. Thank you so much for not posting the picture of me holding the globe, greasy hair, no makeup and I was not looking cute. I'm still kicking myself for growing out my hair before this trip! It's such a brown mop!

    That was so fun and finding the crepe man from your last trip topped it off. Definitely the best crepe we had on the trip.


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