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What to Wear to Paris

• 01 April 2009

I first visited Paris in the Spring of 1999. It was a last minute deal--I only had ten days notice if you can believe it. At the time I was dating my now-husband but things weren't serious enough yet to justify sticking around. My parents always encouraged me to do interesting things with my life and not to wait for life to happen to me--and so I left on my own adventure and hoped his heart would grow fonder. Needless to say it did. He proposed to me 3 weeks after I returned home that summer :)

During this time I studied Art History in Paris with twenty other college students. While in Paris, I observed how conspicuous we were with our our loud voices, Abercrombie shirts and ripped up flared jeans. We drew attention on the metro, in museums, and at the nunnery/hostel where we stayed. Sometimes I wished I could disappear and try to blend in more with the locals. It seemed like more fun and a more authentic experience. I took note and made an effort on future vacations to France to do just that. Granted, the moment I opened my mouth the whole farce was over but at least I tried :)

Here are a few Paris street fashion blogs I found useful. It was nice to know what to bring and what to leave home. A little inspiration doesn't hurt anyone, right?

Elle - Paris Fashion Week

Garance Dore (word on the street is that she and The Sartorialist are a couple...can anyone confirm?)

The Sartorialist

Easy Fashion - take note there is music on this blog

Style and the City - Paris

Street Peeper

I really don't know how these women pull themselves together so nicely--it appears so effortless. They must not be getting three small children ready at the same time :) Oh wait, this week I'm not either!

images 1 - garance dore; 2 and 3 from Elle


  1. Hey Steph..looks like you are having a fun time! I am so jealous! Hey, I just sent you an email about a cooking class. Let me know if you want to do it. Miss you! xoxox

  2. Hello. I've been a growing fan of your blog over the past month or so and THANK YOU very much for the wonderful posts about Paris. I love this one about how to dress like a tres chic French woman. Oh, and yes apparently Garance and The Sart are a real couple (she even mentions the two of them in some of her posts)!!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love the easy fashion blog, sort of like a younger, more wearable version of the sartorialist!

  4. It's all in the layering. Somehow French girls manage to get it just right, whereas when I try it's more hobo chic...

  5. i love these sites. thanks for sharing.

  6. So I've never been to Paris...are all the women really that thin and fashionable? ;) And, if so, what do you think their secret is?

  7. I'm loving your pretty blog and trip to Paris! I just got back yesterday and wish I had seen this before I went :)
    I just linked to your What to Wear in Paris post and am grateful that I'll have a blueprint for next time.

  8. Oops, is this for women only?
    Well, I'm getting married to Isabelle, a lovely Parisienne and to answer Stephanie, the secret to her slimness is that I feed her dark chocolate ever evening;-)

    Considering how all of you are excited about experiencing "the real Paris", I'd thought I'd give you a sneak preview of I hope this concept will change the way you visit Paris!

    Another idea I have to make your Paris fashion sharing projet become really big is to create a dedicated social network as I just did for Paris restaurants on

    I also know someone with great contacts in the Paris fashion world who could give you some inside tips and contribute to a social network.

    Let me know. I hope you'll all be back to Paris soon !


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