stephmodo: Appliqued Canvas Tote

Appliqued Canvas Tote

• 18 May 2009

I love this simple craft featured in the latest Living. Basically you print a starfish onto fabric using fabric paint; cut out the shape; then applique it to a tote bag. Cute, cute, cute.

You can find the tote pictured here over at Muji (love Muji!). It truly is the perfect canvas tote.

(Was it me or was this recent issue waaaay better than past issues? It almost had hints of "Blueprint" or something...thoughts?)

Speaking of Muji, did you note the Thonet-Muji collaboration that just hit select stores? Those chairs!!

image 1, 2 from MS; 2 from Muji


  1. I completely agree with you! I have already started plans to make this particular craft. Cute!

  2. I thought the same thing about MS Living. I was reading my moms and said 'this looks different....nice'. She didn't know what I was referring to and I couldn't explain it.

  3. totally agree about this issue! hadn't bought MS living in years and years, but had a subscription to blueprint. i bought this issue and love recipes, decorating and crafts!


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