stephmodo: A Deal on Tolix Seating: No.2

A Deal on Tolix Seating: No.2

• 21 May 2009

I know many of you love these classic, French chairs from Tolix so I'm passing along this delightful tidbit of information: the Sundance Outlet in SLC carries every chair you see here at a discount...$165 each. Nothing is wrong with dents (like mine) and they come in three rockin' colors.

You can use them indoors or if you prefer to use them outdoors, apply a coat of lacquer to each chair. They stack well, clean up well, and are not uncomfortable, which you may presume by looking at them--they are metal after all. If my testimonial doesn't convince you, check out the sleek cushions Pottery Barn offers specifically for these cafe chairs.

So that's the lowdown...I hope those of you that have emailed me about these in the past get lucky this time :)

image from Everyday with Rachel Ray


  1. I got so excited and called. Lamest sale ever!!! The red ones are $150 online, so they are actually charging MORE at the outlet. I called and tried to explain this to them and they didn't seem to get it. SO frustrating. I want the red ones so bad!

  2. I think an angry call from StephModo would put Bob's employees in their place.

  3. Steph we are looking at making a change in our kitchen for a smaller table and chairs... and with the black and white the only thing I could think of that would really look great in there are these chairs!! NOw I must convince husband...


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