stephmodo: Freezing Food the Right Way

Freezing Food the Right Way

• 08 May 2009

I'm not one to be in love with the idea of freezing food; perhaps because I've heard so many crazy stories about freezing foods, that in my opinion, should not be frozen ever! But, I'm slowly being swayed after reading this article in the NY Times this week and am on my way to feeling better equipped in my own freezer section. Three cheers for being less wasteful, more prepared, and not having to buy boxed chicken stock.


  1. What a terrific article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. great article! i don't know if i'll ever have my stuff together enough to make my own chicken stock, though. maybe someday...

  3. I've been doing freezer meals with a friend and it is great! I do 6 for her and 6 for us, and she does the same. It lasts for a while and is great if you want to take a meal to someone - it's already done! Just thaw it out. I'd never thought of freezing fresh foods by myself, though. What great ideas!

  4. I have felt the same way...I just finished Sara Snow's new book Fresh Living where she said, "Frozen Organics are money!" To freeze things you get in season to eat around season and to always pick up frozen organics because they are picked at their peak freshness and the best for you. I don't know why I always thought badly of frozen..guess I was wrong!


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