A House on a Hill: Renovating a Cottage in France, Part 2

• 28 May 2009

We took this picture of the kids last August, just after checking out the home for the second time. This pretty, wildflower-covered hill is just across the road (or rather "path") from the cottage. For me, this photo epitomizes the innocence and joy of being a child. It's fun to think about other children being photographed on the same hill someday. Can you see the Dordogne River there in the background? It's the perfect river to canoe I might add. The wall you see in the background is part of the original city wall...it's only 400+ years old! It's amazing how "new" our country seems after spending a little time in a Medieval village.

If you've seen the movie, "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott, you may recognize this vista...to drive up to the castle you have to take a roundabout road that winds through the country for a few minutes. As you make the last turn, this is what you see. Do you feel like running through those fields barefoot or is it just me?


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