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LA's Garment/Fashion District

• 21 May 2009

A few weeks ago I hit LA's Garment/Fashion District with low expectations. It was my second visit, but clearly it had been awhile and I'd forgotten more than a few things. I was amazed, if not shocked, at what I found--beautiful, inexpensive fabrics & trims of all styles, colors, and sizes!! I could've easily spent an entire day there. Next time I will...

This part of LA is vibrant, bustling, energetic and an all-around fun place to be during the day (sources tell me it's not the place to be in the evening, however). You hear Bob Marley blasting from boom boxes, encounter street vendors selling fresh fruit (see mother-in-law holding delicious fruit above), and feel inspired by all the fantastic fabric you see in all the storefronts...even if you're someone who can't even sew on a button properly (me).

Here are a few places to start:

Floret Fabrics - Some outstanding bold patterns
306 E. 9th Street

Carmel Gallery of Fabrics - I found a bold Hable Contruction-esque pattern for pennies.
432 E. 9th Street #1

Hi Fabrics, Inc. - Great for large orders on solid fabrics, i.e. for tableclothes and such.
937 S. Maple Ave.

Big Bargain Trims - 100 yards of heavy grosgrain ribbon for $5
623 E. 9th St.

Maple Craft - Cake toppers, organza favor bags and ribbon galore.
925 Maple Ave.

Enjoy discovering your own little finds...there are blocks and blocks to explore. Keep in mind there aren't a lot of great places to eat in this neighborhood so have low expectations when it comes to eating out. Oh, and don't forget to check out all the colorful pinatas on 9th Street. You'll never see anything like this outside Mexico.


  1. Drooling over the ribbon... What a bargain - what a find!

  2. i'm in LOVE with you ring set! [the one holding the watermelons.] I wish I could see a close up!

  3. Leni, that is my mother-in-law in the picture. Lucky her with the ring set!

  4. oh thank you thank you thank you! i have been day dreaming about a trip to la's garment dist. but didn't know where to start. now i do, and it's only a measly 3 hour drive.:)

  5. wow! this came at a perfect time. i'm going down that way in june and was just wondering about this sort of thing.

  6. looks great! i've only been to the fashion district once before--i think i need to make a return trip soon!


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