stephmodo: A Mere Trifle

A Mere Trifle

• 28 May 2009

Just a few days ago, I finally put my sittin'-pretty-on-the-shelf-for-18-months trifle dish to use. I discovered that trifles are delicious...and beautiful...and easy to make...what took me so long to try to make one? It's just layering, right?

I was in a time crunch so I picked up an angel food cake at the store (I realized I need a tube pan so I can make my own next time) and layered it with homemade whipped cream, lemon curd, and sliced strawberries. Yet another use for lemon it!

Do you know of any outstanding trifle recipes calling for homemade cake? If you, I'd love a link!


  1. Dirty Snow Cake - similar to a trifle...could alter recipe for trifle.....enjoy...

  2. Oh my! I'll keep my eye out, but this one looks plenty good enough.

  3. Easy Chocolate Trifle:
    1 pkg chocolate cake mix
    4 c cold milk
    2 pkg jell-o chocolate flavor instant pudding and pie filling
    8 oz tub cool whip, thawed
    4 pkg (1.4 oz each) chocolate-covered English toffee bars, crushed (Skor or Heath candy bars OR toffee in baking isle)

    Prepare cake batter and bake in 13x9 inch baking pan as directed on pkg. Cool completely. Cut into ¼ inch cubes. Add milk to dry pudding mix in medium bowl. Beat with wire whisk 2 minutes or until well blended. Layer half each of the cake cubes, pudding, whipped topping, and crushed chocolate bars in a large glass trifle bowl. Repeat all layers. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.


    Easy Peach Trifle:
    1 lemon
    6 large or 10 medium fresh peaches
    2 – 8 oz cartons vanilla yogurt
    1 angel food cake
    Additional peach slices (optional)

    Finely shred lemon peel to make 1 tsp. Squeeze lemon to make 1 Tbsp juice. Peel peaches and thinly slice. Toss with lemon juice. Place 1 c sliced peaches in a blender and blend till smooth. Combine with yogurt and lemon peel. Cut cake into 1 inch squares. Place enough cake in trifle dish to cover bottom. Place half of the remaining peach slices over cake cubes. Cover peaches with ½ yogurt mixture. Repeat layers of cake, peaches, and yogurt. Garnish with peach slices if desired.

    My husband loves both! Enjoy!

  4. I have an amazing trifle for the Fall. It uses a very moist pumpkin cake, delicous white chocolate pudding, toffee bits and toasted pecans. It looks beautiful and is delicious! My family loved it for Thanksgiving. I will have to email you the recipe!

  5. I too have a trifle bowl that I have yet to use for theat purpose. That looks great!

  6. This looks so delicious. You can't go wrong with lemon curd as far as I'm concerned.

  7. Paula Dean did one similar to "Bekki" but it's a layer of Devils Food Cake, real whipping cream, hot fudge sauce and crushed Heath bar. It's soooo good. I mean, it's really really good!

  8. I made this Paula Deen recipe the other day. It's sweet (of course) but yummy. And so simple.

  9. Hee, I can never make a trifle without remembering that episode of Friends ("No, Rachel, you were NOT supposed to put beef in the trifle!"). This looks completely gorgeous, though--thanks so much for sharing!

  10. its delish with pound cake :)

  11. I love to make trifle--chocolate + berry, or lemon + berry or pumpkin + gingerbread in the fall. Also fun to make them in individual clear dessert dishes. And sometimes I use my trifle bowl for colorful salads.

  12. okay stephanie, this is from your stupid friend who needs everything mapped out. did you sweeten you whipped cream? i suppose the layer of lemon curd was thin? how many people would you say this served? sorry to bother you...AGAIN.

  13. Noelle: the lemon curd layer was pretty thin, yes. It's strong stuff! And yes, I sweetened the whipped cream. In my mixer I poured in two cups heavy cream, 2 TB of sugar and a teaspoon or so of vanilla. I mix it up every time so this is just an approximation. I tend to like a more European version--it's less sweet than American versions. Keep in mind though, it's a matter of preference. Experience with sweetening until you find the right mix for you :)


  14. thanks so much stephanie for spelling it out for me. can't wait to try for tomorrow!!!

  15. A trifle always reminds me of that Friends episode where Rachel puts peas, onions, and beef in the trifle dessert because the pages of the recipe book got stuck together. Yours looks much better than hers turned out though!

  16. I love my Lemon/Blueberry Triffle...the recipe is posted over at my blog. Here is the link.

  17. Best trifle EVER - a real hit whenever I bring it to parties - I found the recipe at

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