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Date Night

• 05 June 2009

This week's date night wasn't with the Husband, but rather with the other man in my sweet son. At the conclusion of the T-ball season, he received two tickets to a local minor league game so I thought it would be the perfect night out for us both. The evening didn't turn out quite like we thought as the game was rained out, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. I've realized over time how much individual time with each child means to them. These are truly the memories they cherish most.

A few odds n' ends I want to remember:

* It wasn't until we arrived at the game that he realized he wasn't playing in the game :)

* He kept telling me what a "lucky day" it was and he told me he loved me.

* Three dinners were consumed this before we left, one at the game (free meal for kids the night we attended), and one at Del Taco after. He has a mild obsession with Del Taco and once his auntie whipped out a coupon for a free kids' meal, he was intent on that 3rd dinner. We found out later what he really wanted was the root beer and the toy :)


  1. That's too cute. What a "lucky day!" I just love the things kids say.

  2. Stories like that make me even more excited to be a mom!

  3. date night with your son. so so fun. my little daughter has gone out with my husband and boy does she feel special. her favorite date night stop...dean and deluca for california rolls...funny. thanks for sharing the cute things from that night too. love that he didn't realize he wasn't going to play in the game till he got there. cute!

  4. ahh. little L would make for a sweet date. you are a fabulous mom!

  5. How cute is he?! Hopefully he will fall in love with the game as he gets older. Thanks for starting him out so young.

  6. very, very sweet. I love taking my oldest out and doing "grown up" things.

  7. We must live in the same area. Our kids played T Ball with those shirts too. :)


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