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Deux Chevaux

• 01 July 2009

My father-in-law loves these little French cars called Deux Chevaux. They don't make them anymore (rumors of safety issues) but you still see them occasionally around France...and sometimes for sale. In the case of the latter, we always stop and take a picture for my father-in-law...just in case. When perusing the pictures for this post, I discovered that my daughter and I coincidentally match the Deux Chevaux...I know it seems a little funny but we seriously had no idea until the pictures were uploaded :)


  1. While we were in France for the summer of my 14th birthday my father fell in love with those, I of course thought they were ugly and he was determined to get me one for my 16th birthday. I always protested and he always threatened. Alas it never arrived and now I am kicking myself - why couldn't I see the beauty then and take him up n his offer!

    Happy travels in France - I'm traveling vicariously with you!!

  2. That is too funny! Don't you love serendipitous moments.

  3. Cute Cars! Last summer while we were in Europe I had a chance to see a bunch of old cars that I had never seen before. It was fun.


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