La Maisonnette du Coteau: Sandblasting

• 08 June 2009

Sandblasting is the type of thing that only needs to be done every 200 years or so....thankfully :) I'm so grateful we won't have to deal with this part of the renovation again. My poor, poor husband. If you aren't familiar with sandblasting, let me give you a brief description. Basically, you bring in a lot of sand (in this case about 3 tons) and use a piece of machinery that takes the sand and blasts it at high speed on the stone. This took a lot of time. a lot.

We could've opted to forgo the sandblasting but we knew the stone needed to be cleaned to look its best--it had clearly been awhile and the results were incredible! Well worth it. What we thought was grayish stone was actually more of a creamy beige, which we love so much more. It adds depth and warmth--particularly to the main level--we couldn't have reproduced any other way.

Scott documented the sandblasting process from the exterior as well. I love this shot. I really, really do. The villagers (all 200 of 'em) must have wondered who in the world moved in! What you also see is the rental car the Husband backed down the cobblestone path/road 15-17 times per about skill :)

The finished result--beautiful, CLEAN stone. Way to go babe.

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images via Scott again


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