Thrift Books GIVEAWAY

• 12 June 2009

Love to read? Me too.

Love a good deal? Moi aussi.

Love the convenience of online shopping? Yes? (wow, we'd make fast friends now wouldn't we?)

Meet Thrift Books--one of the largest online used book retailers in the US. It's a wonderful place to stop and order your entire summer reading list for a song. Wait until you see all the one-cent books...

I checked out my top 5 favorite books and found them all available on Thrift Books. The marjority of my list was also in the "one penny" range...I couldn't believe it. This is the perfect set up if you are like me and find that your once-shiny-and-new Barnes & Noble books look used after one read anyway :) In addiiton, I love the idea of spending less initially and then enjoying the book just the same. If you are involved in a book club, this is a great place to start your search. I noticed popular favorites like "Three Cups of Tea" and "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and it appears that Thrift Books is a particularly excellent source for fiction.

For this giveaway, Thrift Books would like to offer one reader a $40 gift certificate. You can choose anything on the site (don't forget to check out cook books and kids books!) that strikes your fancy so start making that mental list of you want to read during the upcoming Summer. Talk about great timing, no?

Giveaway Guidelines:

- You have 5 days to enter this giveaway (closes Tuesday, June 16 at midnight).
- Make a comment on THIS POST to enter.
- One entry per person please.
- Anonymous comments will be ignored so make sure we know who you are.
- The winner will be chosen via and then announced on Wednesday, June 17th.
- Winners must respond by Saturday, June 20 to secure prize.


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