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Caffarel Chocolates

• 09 July 2009

I love these little Italian chocolates...particularly the toadstools. The few times I've visited Italy in my life I've stocked up on a few of these cuties. If you ever run across them either abroad or in the States, stock up. I know that Miette in San Francisco carries them, but you'll pay more for them there than you will in Europe.

I love the way this bride used them in her wedding. It's something out of the beautiful little book, the Root Children. How fun would it be to incorporate a similar theme into a children's birthday party?

image via Heavenly Lane


  1. Do the mushrooms have liquid inside? Here in Austria, those little chocolate mushrooms with the painted styrofoam caps are considered a symbol of good luck, and are handed out as gifts on New Year's Eve. The ones here are filled with cherry schnapps or brandy. I love them.

  2. love the cute little mushrooms. I think when I am German next week I am going to see if I can find them.

  3. Oh my gosh, after I followed the bride link I realized it was the wedding story of Heather Ross the fabric designer. What a fabulous theme for a wedding, and the chocolates were perfect. Thanks for the link.

  4. My daughter and I would <3 the frog....
    too cute :)

  5. Although I don't recall seeing the mushrooms, the chocolate bugs are available at Cummings Chocolates on 3300 South in Salt Lake.

  6. I looove Caffarel Chocolate and have always bought them while in Italy (I'm not sure if you can get them anywhere here in Germany). But most of all I love Cafferel Gianduja, hmmmm!


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