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Une Pique-Nique

• 16 July 2009

After searching for parking for 45 minutes, walking around a crowded market for an hour or so, and making our way back to La Maisonette for 25 minutes, we finally sat down to this. Again, I am loving how inexpensive it is to enjoy a picnic lunch like this! I’ve realized that picnics are not only fun for the kids, but they are easier to clean up as well. I think we’re on to something here…


  1. Fabulous! Te strawberries look tasty, and wow, that french language can even make a bottle of apple juice sound sexy.

  2. I am so enjoying your blog! We're in Verrieres-le-Buisson, 20 mins SW of Paris, and it feels as if what you post parallels my observations!...well done, considering your crazy, busy life right now! That said, re an invitation to a picque-nique we recenly received, it was lead with the fact that it was 'picque-nique season'...which I thought brought with it all kinds of cool imagery...absolutely made up of the stuff your picque-nique photo! Thanks for sharing, Natasha

  3. oh this is gorgeous...perfection

  4. Don't adults in the US have picnics? I didn't know that.

    Here in Europe practically everyone loves them and everyone knows it's a picnic season now, of course, not just in France but here in northern parts of Europe as well. And the strawberries and blueberries are just so tasty.

    Nice to read about your experience with the house and the charming village in France.

  5. this looks a lot like the picnic we had last week and i thought, why haven't i just been having bread/spanish meat/yummy cheese picnics before! they are so easy and way more yummy :)


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